Monday, October 4, 2010

another reason why I hate Customer Service

I sell used items on the internet from time to time. I'm not a mass reseller; I just sell stuff that I don't use or need anymore.

I recently sold a 2-Disc CD soundtrack on for $19.99 + $2.98 s/h. My ad, under the additional comments section, said the following:
ships USPS First Class from TX on next business day // both discs included // discs are in MINT condition // inserts & booklets in GOOD condition // CD case is cracked on the back, and the disc holder is broken (I will ship the discs in separate sleeves to avoid damage)
I shipped the soundtrack last week via USPS First Class as promised in a bubble wrap envelope, and an packing slip with the item description was included.

This afternoon while I was on gMaiL, a new message arrived from the customer and I opened it immediately. He claimed that the case arrived, "shattered," that the item was junk, and that he either wants a brand new CD case (yes, the cheap plastic CD cases that you can buy at the dollar store for a dollar), or a full refund plus shipping costs.

He also claims that my listing had no mention of the defective case. Granted, the case could have been additionally damaged in the shipment, but he is ignoring the fact that my listing clearly mentioned the cracked case.

I initially overlooked the anger and the rudeness in his message because I understand that it's frustrating to not get what you paid for. I was fully prepared to give him a partial refund to mitigate the damaged case.

When I logged on to Amazon, I saw that this fucking asshole had already given me 1-star feedback, and posted that I misrepresent my items. So not only did he fail to educate himself about what he was buying, he failed to give me a chance to resolve the issue as well!

Customers are fucking idiots.
This is why I don't want to work in customer service. Ever.

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